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Listopad 2013

1. When you don't know somebody you should use "ms" "mr" befoure his/her names2. In poland if you want to be polite, you should kiss lady?s hand when greeting her but young people often only shake hands.
3. You should wait for the older man to greet you.
4. You should hold the door for the women and let them go in first.
5. When coming into a private house you are often expected to take your shoes off and wear slippers.
6. It?s polite to bring a flower or a small treat when visiting.
7. In poland during a meal it?s customary for the host to invite a guest a few times to try some more of the dishes and have a second helping. If you have enough you can politely refuse. Try not to leave anything on the plate. It may mean that you didn?t like the food.
8. You should eat quietly ? You mustn?t smack your lips.
9. You should be careful on the streets of warsaw. There are a lot of pickpockets.
10. You should give up your seat to an older person, a pregnant woman or mother with a small child in public transport.
11. You shouldn?t listen to loud music in public transport.
12. Good manner is to give a small tip to a waiter in a restaurant.
13. Do not ask woman her age.
14. You must drive you car on the right side of the road.
15. You mustn?t smoke at the public places for example: bus stop, restaurant or cinema.
16. You should ride a bike in the appointed roads.
17. You mustn?t destroy public ownership.
18. You must keep off the grass.