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Listopad 2013

Class profiles in our school Our school has classes of different profiles. When students decide to enter the school, they decide which class they want to join ? or, in other words, they decide what subjects they want to learn the most. Here are the profiles available for the students: Humanistic profile. more hours of Polish, History and Government Studies. This gives you a chance to learn more about the Polish language and the history of Poland and the whole world. Mathematics profile. more hours of Maths. If you?re good at Maths, you should try it to be even better! If you want to be an accountant or an architect, you ought to think about choosing this profile. Language class ? more hours of English and you are also obliged to learn German. Students of this class learn about the culture and tradition of English-speaking countries as well as the language itself. After attending to this class for 3 years, your English will be perfect! I.T. class. more Computer Studies hours. The teenagers learn about many computer programmes. They find out how to use them and how they can help them in life. Ecology class. more Biology. These students learn more about animals and plants than others. They organise many campaigns to help the Earth, i.e. they gather waste paper, join campaigns and help to clean the world.