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Listopad 2013

         Things to do at school There are lots of different things we can do at school. We’ve got a library which is great. It’s a place, where we can read books or do our homework. We’ve got hundreds of books, which are very interesting. The librarian is Mrs. Honorata (she also teaches Russian). She always helps us and gives advise. She cares about our library and buys new books. Mrs Honorata organises cafes at school to gain money – students sell cakes, which are made at home. There are two computer rooms. First is on the first floor and there we have technology lessons. The second computer room is on the third floor and there we study information technology. But we also can stay at school after the lessons and play on the computers. We’ve also got a school newspaper, which is called “Sowie Wieœci” (in English “Owl News”). Students write short reports about what has happened at school. Students can sing in the school choir. Sometimes we have discos. They are funny and during them we can listen to good music. Excursions In our school we have excursions to Janów Lubelski, Mostówka and Cracow-Oœwięcim(in Poland). In Janów Lubelski we draw pictures of nature and visit many interesting places. In Mostówka we could make some sculptures or buy sculptures made by masters. Third year classes can go on a trip to London to see Big Ben, Traffalgar Square, the Houses of Parliament, London Eye, the National Gallery and some of the most famous British museums (like Madam Tussauds). It`s very interesting to visit many towns and cities, talk to different people and learn their traditions, culture and customs.